Honey Oak Trim – Stain or Paint?

It’s no secret that we have honey oak everywhere in our house – and that I despise it. I have done three semi-big projects so far to cover it up including two bathroom vanities and my kitchen cabinets. Each time, I loathe the trim even more, but it’s everywhere. We’re not going to live in

Monogram Scrabble Tile

It’s me… back with another monogram project. Are you sick of them yet? I’ve got too many ideas and have now had to move on to my first initial. This one was inspired by a lot of Scrabble wall decor I’ve seen floating around Pinterest, most of them combining names and words together. I used

Shadow Box Framed Instagram Photos

Are you on Instagram yet? I love it, and I wish more of my friends and family used it, so I could follow their days in photos. It’s the best part of social media in my opinion, photo sharing. The filters are fun to play with too. I had been wanting to print out and

Bead and Knot Cord Bracelet

Bead and Knot Cord Bracelet

I’ve been making a lot of bracelets lately, partly because I love bracelets and it’s on the verge of spring weather here, but I’m also working on a project I’ll reveal soon. Bear with me as I’ll  have a few more DIY bracelet posts over the next few weeks. This bead and knot cord bracelet

Mini Baked Spinach Dip Cups

I seem to always be in charge of appetizers or snacks for family gatherings. I’m not ashamed to admit that main dishes are not my specialty. If you need appetizers, sides or desserts, I’m your girl! I went through my appetizers Pinterest board before deciding what to take to my mom’s for Easter and I

T-Shirt Bracelet {Finger Weaving}

I’m so ready for spring, I can’t stand it. Last March my son and I were flying a kite in shorts at the park in March, this year we had 4″ of snow two days ago. I needed a little ray of sunshine, so I decided to tackle a project that makes me think of

Personalized State Wall Art {Where We Met}

Personalized State Wall Art {Where We Met}

DIY personalized state wall art makes the perfect unique gift idea or to show off your own home state or where you and your significant other met.   I keep adding projects to my dining room “Des Moines” wall gallery. This personalized state wall art canvas is a good addition as well as good practice

Hand Print Easter Bunny

This hand print Easter bunny is a cute and easy Easter craft to do with your kids using just paint and canvas. I started out the weekend intending to make a super heroes Easter basket for my son. I had already bought some of the felt, and while I was at the store picking up

Homemade Pretzels (Almost Auntie Anne’s!)

My Sunday baking continues. Major hit this week from a Pinterest find that led me to YammiesNoshery.com and her copycat recipe for Auntie Anne’s  pretzels. It’s a little dangerous to have this recipe to be honest. If you can’t find me, I’ll be in a homemade pretzel induced food coma in the corner from over-indulgence!

Double Framed Family Tree

Show two families becoming one with this double framed family tree. Step-by-step instructions and free printable templates. Have you ever had a project you started and didn’t finish until years later? Raising hand. I bought a couples geneology kit from RedEnvelope.com 6-7 years ago. It’s been so long they no longer even sell it. I