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Treasure Hunting at The Picker Knows Antique Store

Treasure Hunting at The Picker Knows Antique Store

The Picker Knows antiques and collectibles store opened in my West Des Moines ‘hood recently. I spent an hour or so last weekend meandering through the aisles and booths checking out any potential treasures that might need to come home with me. I’m not what you’d consider a die hard antique lover or a “junker”. I

Framed Monogram Letter

Here we go again, another monogram DIY project as I work on my monogram gallery for my mantel. The best part about this framed monogram letter project is that it only took 20-30 minutes. You can also check out my recent posts on the Burlap Monogram Letter and Map Covered Letter. Supplies: Frame – I

Map Covered Letter

Honor your favorite city or state with this map covered letter project. Unique and personal decor and a great gift idea.  I think I’ve previously admitted my addiction to letters, initials and monograms. In fact, I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Initial Decor. We recently did a lot of updates to our kitchen, and