Quick and easy handmade gift idea for creating a dry erase daily love message frame. Leave notes each day for your loved ones to show what you appreciate about them.

dry erase love message frame

Several weeks ago, I repinned this dry erase daily love message board idea from Pinterest, but I couldn’t find the original post on the housedecorpin.com site. I liked the concept though of being able to share serious, funny or sentimental reasons each day for why you love someone.

My husband and I have always had a little thing where we say “I love you today”, so I decided on that for my message in the frame. That’s not to mean that I won’t love you tomorrow, just more of a reminder that we shouldn’t forget to tell each other every day. Now we also say it to our son. When we’re going to sleep we usually say, “Do you know I love you today?” He always says yes. 🙂 Love that kid!

Anyway, this is a really easy project that is a perfect last minute Valentine’s Day gift. You can likely do it with things you already have on hand at home.


  • Frame (I used one with a 5×7 opening)
  • Paper – (it can be patterned or not. I used a burlap printed paper)
  • Printer
  • Dry erase marker


All you need to do is create a document on your computer the size of the frame opening. Then you type in the message you want to use. I kept mine oriented towards the top, so I would have plenty of room to write in the message with the dry erase marker after it was framed. After you print it out, put it in your frame where the picture normally goes and put the back on. That’s it! Write nice messages to your loved one using a dry erase marker on the front of the frame glass. Make sure to test out the dry erase marker first though to make sure it will work with the frame.

I used a more rustic wooden frame and a burlap patterned paper. I liked that it wasn’t super feminine.

I think I’ll use ours as a family message board where we can write nice things to each other or for our son. He’s only four and can’t really read yet, but it seems like a nice tradition to start. I’m not sure we’ll do it every day. We’re the same people who found it to be too much pressure to try to get our Elf on the Shelf moved around every day, so I don’t want to make something a forced thing that is supposed to just be a nice thing to do for each other.

dry erase daily message boarddry erase daily message board

Don’t mind my bad handwriting. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!