Dry Erase Daily Love Message Frame

Dry Erase Daily Love Message Frame

Quick and easy handmade gift idea for creating a dry erase daily love message frame. Leave notes each day for your loved ones to show what you appreciate about them.

dry erase love message frame

Several weeks ago, I repinned this dry erase daily love message board idea from Pinterest, but I couldn’t find the original post on the housedecorpin.com site. I liked the concept though of being able to share serious, funny or sentimental reasons each day for why you love someone.

My husband and I have always had a little thing where we say “I love you today”, so I decided on that for my message in the frame. That’s not to mean that I won’t love you tomorrow, just more of a reminder that we shouldn’t forget to tell each other every day. Now we also say it to our son. When we’re going to sleep we usually say, “Do you know I love you today?” He always says yes.

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