My Friday Five

My Friday Five

Celebrate good times… come on! It’s nice to have a few things to celebrate in the middle of winter. This week was filled with Todd’s birthday, Carter’s 100th day of school and of course normal work, school, home happenings.

1. Birthday Bash – Todd’s birthday was this week and we had some friends over to celebrate last Saturday night. We always have a lot of laughs over games and a few drinks. We were pretty proud of our bottle collection at the end of the night.


2. Game of Things – Most people have heard of the hilarity of Cards Against Humanity, but I’m pretty sure The Game of Things was it’s predecessor. We’ve owned it for a few years and played it at our last few get togethers. It’s a similar concept except in The Game of Things, you have to come up with your own answers and then guess who said what. What a riot! I highly recommend both.



3. Craft Hoarding Justification – Carter’s school celebrated their 100th day of school this week. Without much notice, we were told we needed to bring in 100 small things. This is when I was happy about my craft supplies hoarding. I gave Carter the option of colored puff balls or googly eyes. He chose the colored puffs and practiced his counting at breakfast the day we had to bring them in.



4. Minifig Mania – We finished up part of Carter’ Valentines over the weekend by making LEGO crayons. If you’ve never tried melting down crayons into shapes, it’s a super simple project.

Lego Crayons


5. Get a Leg Up – I’ve been trying to be more active lately and working on my Fitbit step goals keeps me motivated most days BUT I do find myself avoiding strength training in favor of trying to get all my steps in. I ran across this infographic workout from Cosmopolitan for a quick leg workout. (click the image for the full workout). I tried it last night and I could really feel it today! I was on a major hiatus from exercise this fall, so it feels good to get back into it.


Carter is excited to get to spend time with his cousins this weekend, and we’re looking forward to a get together with some of Todd’s hometown friends. No big plans for the Super Bowl yet, but I’m sure we’ll make some treats to eat while watching the game. Have a great weekend!

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  1. HAHA love the justification for hoarding craft supplies! I’m always snagging things when I see them on sale, thinking a project or need will pop up at some point. Glad you were able to accept the call

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