June Wrap Up

June Wrap Up

Hello…. anyone there? I have to apologize for my unplanned absence. For the first time since launching Sometimes Homemade, I didn’t do a single post for the month. Time just really got away from me. I’ve been busy with work, family life, baseball games, fun with friends, car shopping, project launching, working out, and on and on. You know just normal life stuff, all good for the most part, and while I’ve done a few projects, I just didn’t feel motivated to sit down on my computer to write about them (don’t worry I will!)

I thought I’d at least do a wrap up for June to catch you up on some of our family fun. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these moments. If not, follow me, I’ll follow you!

I feel like we had a month filled with lots of physical activity. My husband did three triathlons, getting back into it after a 4 year hiatus. Carter and I went and watched him in two of them. The first one Carter got to cross the finish line with Todd which was a fun moment. Carter kept yelling “You’re my hero, dad!” Sweet stuff!

Pigman Tri

We finished out our baseball season this month, although we had to work around several rain dates.

Carter-BaseballIt’s been a very rainy spring and beginning of summer with crazy storms. Here’s our little storm chaser watching the clouds roll in from our deck. We’re hoping for a few days reprieve at this point, so the flooding in some areas will subside and the flood threats in others diminish.

storm chaser

With the rainy days, we’ve had to come up with some alternate activities to burn off some energy. Carter loves going to Climb Iowa, a local rock climbing gym. We’re hoping to be able to get some climbing in when we go to Colorado in July. This kid has no fear!

little rock climber - Climb Iowa

I started running again and went back to my kickboxing/bootcamp. It felt good to get active again, but getting up for the mornings is never easy for me!

I don’t really post much about my work life, but we launched a big project early in June after a year’s worth of work. It’s still in progress, but I’m happy we have the first milestone behind us. Speaking of work, we transitioned our workspace over the last few months and went to a more open concept seating arrangement. I’d been in an office the last 7 or so years, so I thought this would be a big change. It turns out that it really hasn’t been too much of an adjustment except in figuring out how to decorate my space!

Here’s my old office.


And here’s my new spot in our shared “pod”. Turns out I really don’t need much space and my hashtag light from Vintage Marquee Lights looks pretty fab in both spaces.


In June my career as a model (HA!) pretty much began and ended at the same time. I was asked to participate in a corporate marketing campaign, and while hair and makeup was fun, holding a 10 lb crystal ball outstretched for 45 minutes made my arms shake! I don’t think I missed my calling, so I guess I’ll stick to my day job!


I promise I’ll be back to a more regular posting schedule in July.


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