Happy Friday from NYC! I spent most of the week here for work this week. I was happy the weather was as amazing here as it was at home last weekend. Crisp fall mornings but a little warmer through the days. I love fall!

1 | Free for Fall – Unfortunately I didn’t have too many photo opportunities this trip as I was in meetings from sun up to sun down most days. I did manage this pretty fall tree pic on my short walk from the hotel to the office.

Fall trees New York

2 | Weary Traveler – I get a bit motion sick, so flying plus crazy New York cab drives are not good combos for me. I had my first ginger ale since I was a kid waiting for my flight home. Usually I combat the queasy feeling of motion sickness by having to constantly eat and drinking lots of water while traveling. Any tried and true tips from anyone? Those motion bands don’t work for me.


3 | Inquiring Minds – On my flight out to New York I was reading Self Magazine and came across this quote in their pages. Above all else I tend to crave continued learning, whether that’s related to work or new crafting skills, etc.


4 | Art in the Park – I took Carter to the circus last Saturday and on the way home we stopped at the Pappajohn Sculpture Garden. I took in the sculptures while Carter scaled the walls.



5 | Fall Faves – My office in Des Moines is a block away from the Pappajohn Scuplture Garden, so we popped over to the office where Carter wanted to check out the “big shovel” and I found some beauty in these ombre fall trees.



After being gone all week, I’m looking forward to a weekend at home. Pumpkin carving and decorating will be in our plans, but I’m not sure what else yet. Have a good one!

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