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Best of 2015 - 3 Year Blogiversary - Sometimes Homemade

Best of 2015 – 3 Year Blogiversary!

Here we are again at the end of another year. It’s hard to believe Sometimes Homemade is 3 years old today! I had to cut back on both projects and writing a bit this year as things in my professional…

Fire Pit Season

My Friday Five – Welcome April!

TGIF people! Whew, we made it through another one, victory to us! We were so happy to spend a lot of time outside this week after work/school. Hopefully the weather will stay nice for Easter too. 1 | Fire Pit…

Best of 2014 - Sometimes Homemade 2 year Anniversary

Best of 2014 – 2 Year Anniversary

Well, here we are. Today is the 2 year blogiversary of Sometimes Homemade. Like anything to do with time, in some cases it seems longer and in some cases it’s flown by! I did a few less home improvement projects…