I’ve been using WEN cleansing conditioner for quite a long time now. It’s not for everyone, but I’ll share both the good and the bad for you to decide and some tips for use I’ve learned along the way.

First, I’ll start out by saying I’m not affiliated with WEN hair care in any way. I actually have used the cleansing conditioner consistently for the last 3 years, but I don’t buy it directly from their company (more on that later). Here’s what my hair looks like when it was at its longest last year. I could never have had it this long without using WEN.

WEN Hair Care Review

Like many of you, I saw an infomercial on WEN by Chaz Dean and got sucked into watching. A few things spoke to me about their pitch. I was desperate at the time to find something that would fix my hair issues. After I had my son, my hair texture had gone a little wacky. Two years later, I was still struggling. It was medium length, very dry at the ends but would get oily at the roots. It looked bad! I also kept losing hair at a rate that didn’t seem normal and my color would get brassy looking not long after having it colored or just really flat and unnatural.

Here’s a picture of me at the time. I seemed to have gotten rid of the worst pictures, but I think you can see the difference in texture between this and the one above.


I figured I’d give WEN hair care a try. It was a last ditch attempt before I felt like I had to cut my hair much shorter.

Getting Used to The Product

It took me a week or two to figure out how to use the product. The first few days I was not impressed, but after reading several FAQ’s, I realized I wasn’t using enough product and I wasn’t getting it all rinsed out either. Both made my hair really greasy looking and flat. After realizing this, I made adjustments and within a few weeks my hair looked better than it had in years!

My Routine

I have fairly fine hair and it’s currently medium length. I fully wet my hair when I get into the shower and then evenly distribute 5-6 full pumps of the cleansing conditioner into my hair. This may seem like a lot of product and it seems counter intuitive. but you definitely need to use enough to clean your hair, within reason that is. I don’t use the comb they provide but I can see where it would be helpful for some hair types, and I also don’t user nearly as much as they recommend. It did take a while to figure out the right amount for me.

After about 30 seconds, I splash just a little water in my hair and then add 1 more pump of cleansing conditioner into my hair evenly and massage it into my scalp a little bit.


Then I go about the rest of my shower business. I try to let it sit on my hair for at least 3 minutes. Then I thoroughly rinse it out. They recommend 3 minutes of rinsing. I definitely don’t do a full three minutes probably somewhere between 1-2 minutes. Again, I have fairly fine hair though.

At that point I dry and style my hair as normal. I know they say you can use it as a leave in conditioner, but I find that doesn’t work with my hair. For the record, I wash, blow dry and flat iron my hair almost every day.

WEN has really helped make my hair a more even texture, smooth, stopped much of my hair loss and really helps keep my color looking fresh for a long time. My first hair appointment after using WEN consistently, my hair stylist immediately noticed and asked what product I was using. I was a little embarrassed to admit it at first that I had ordered something off of an infomercial!

Once in a while, my hair feels like it has a bit too much “build-up” so I use regular shampoo and conditioner about once a month.

My preference for my hair type is the Pomegranate. I’ve also tried the Sweet Almond Mint, but it seemed too heavy for me. The scent is nice though.

WEN Hair Care - Cleansing Conditioner Pomegranate

Other WEN Products

Initially I ordered directly through the WEN site. They always sent all these other products that I was essentially paying for but I never really used. I tried them out and they just didn’t work for my hair. I’m not a huge styling product person, so they may just not be for me.

Issues with Auto-Shipping

As I mentioned, I no longer buy directly through their site. I wasn’t happy with a few things.

  1. They sent extra products that I had to pay for, but I didn’t use. They kept saying you could change your options, but you couldn’t do that on the website and I never was able to just get my shipments to just include the cleansing conditioner. I’ve sold the unused extra products on ebay. What a pain!
  2. Cancelling was a royal pain that took me months to get straightened out. They won’t let you cancel online. You have to call customer service. I thought I cancelled 3 times over a 4-5 month period and ended up having to pay for 2 additional shipments I didn’t want. They threatened to send me to a collections agency.

I order primarily through Amazon or QVC, whichever has the better price at the time. Generally for me that’s Amazon since I’m a Prime member and get free shipping, but sometimes QVC runs great deals.


It may seem pretty expensive (and it certainly isn’t cheap), but for me it’s a lot cheaper. I’m not buying both shampoo and conditioner, but the main thing is that I don’t have to get my hair cut and colored as often as I was before. I generally go 4-5 months between color appointments now. I could go even longer if it weren’t for those pesky grays that keep popping up! For a while I was going every 8-12 weeks because my hair looked so brassy, or I was buying even more products to try to combat that problem between color appointments.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, so if you have used WEN hair care products and want to offer your experience or have questions, leave them in the comments.

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  • Dawn
    Posted August 25, 2015 5:53 pm 0Likes

    I had the same problem when I ordered through the Wen website. I started ordering through QVC. It was Christmas and they had awesome deals at the time. Now I just order wherever I can find it the cheapest.
    I love using Wen. Not only do you not have to buy shampoo AND conditioner but you don’t need to use as much product. (Especially as much as it says to use on the bottle) They just want you to buy it sooner. A bottle of Wen will last me about three months now that my hair is shorter ($.33 a day). (two when it was long $.50 a day) At $30 a bottle that is not expensive at all!

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