This Zip Code Pillow is a unique decorating accessory and makes a great gift idea for a going away present, housewarming, trip commemoration or wedding present. 

Zip Code Pillow

This Zip Code Pillow has been on my list of projects for a few years after I walked by a local shop, the Tandem Brick and saw a similar set of pillows in the store window. Just another way to show our Des Moines pride or in this case our Des Moines ‘burb pride.

You can make your own pillow case or use a pre-made pillow. I made my own with instructions from the Wonder Forest for a 5-Minute Pillow Cover. Mine took more than 5 minutes, but was very simple to  make.

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Zip Code Pillow Supplies

I made my stencil with my Silhouette Cameo, but you can use an adhesive stencil you buy or make.

Place your cardboard inside your pillow case so your paint wont bleed through the back layer.


Place your stencil on your fabric and press around the inside of all the numbers with your fingers to try to “seal” the stencil as much as possible to prevent bleeding of your paint.


Paint your numbers using just enough paint to fully cover, but not too heavy. If you want a more vintage or worn look you can use less paint.



Let your paint dry to the touch and remove your stencil. I generally wait an hour or two but not several hours as it can make the stencil harder to remove if you’re using contact paper for your stencil, like I often do.


Once fully dry, you can launder and then put your pillow case over your pillow insert.

Zip Code Pillow

This would also work for special dates, longitudes/latitudes, street addresses and any other fairly short numbers you want to use for personalization.