Christmas Pinterest Fails

Christmas Pinterest Fails

The holidays are the season of crafting, baking and well-meaning creative adventures, inspired by thousands of shiny Pinterest projects gone right… but oh so many also go wrong. I remember one Christmas standing in my kitchen cursing out loud and yelling at pretzel rods that kept breaking in hardened caramel, which got all over my kitchen. Then I cracked up (out loud again) thinking I would look like a crazy person if there was a hidden camera in my house. While it can be frustrating, hopefully most of these people were able to laugh about their Christmas Pinterest Fails afterward.

Christmas Pinterest Fails - when good holiday projects go wrong!

Food Fiascos – The holidays are synonymous with baking and cute food. I have no patience for cute food, but I can always appreciate when someone else does!

Even basic baking can be a challenge. You walk away for just a few minutes, and now you’re giving everyone a lump of coal for Christmas.

Melting snowman (or dogs?) could be cute too…


Not everyone is into the traditional red and green Christmas colors, pink is a nice choice too!


Sometimes kitchen appliances really do only serve one purpose.

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This was bound to get messed up once a few jello shots were consumed anyway. No harm done.


I’ve never had a gingerbread project go right. This one pretty much mimics all of my experiences!

Rudolf had a bit too much eggnog.

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Why are these gingerbread houses so hard… they really are!

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Move over gingerbread house fails, now we have veggie cottages that are equally impossible.


This fruit tree weathered a harsh growing season.


Crafting Fails – diy gifts and decor are wide open to complication, which is mildly frustrating if you do it early enough to have a back up plan and panic inducing if you are a procrastinator like me.

Tiny handprints aren’t quite as cute when charred.


For people who want to lick the bowl OR baseball fans looking to freshen their breath.


When things are going right… until they don’t. Assembly lines only work if you have good QA (and enough sleep).

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Nothing good comes from complicated Elf on the Shelf efforts. I applaud these parents for trying (is that a Bud Light Box? Bonus points!).


How about you, any Christmas Fails this season? I didn’t do many handmade gifts this year, so I escaped unharmed this season.


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