A few months ago one of my best friends daughters was diagnosed with leukemia. Thankfully she is responding well to treatment so far and her prognosis is very good. There was a huge outpouring of support for them and a benefit was planned early on. Aside from attending the benefit and rallying some of our friends for a donation, in true DIY fashion, I wracked my brain for something special I could do for my friend to show my support. Since I was addicted to making bracelets at the time (and still am), I decided to make my friend some DIY cause bracelets. The official support color for leukemia is orange, and since they would be going through treatments for over two years, I figured they could use some stylish accessories. Both of her daughters are girly girls and and love jewelry.

DIY Cause Bracelets

Some of these I’ve done tutorials on before, and a few I have yet to post on. I was in a bit of a hurry to get them all finished in time for the benefit, so I didn’t take the time to do step-by-step photos on the new ones. I will in the next few weeks though.

Circle Inspiration Bracelet Circle Inspiration Bracelet
My friend, her daughter and their whole family have shown amazing strength through this whole process, so I thought the “strength” charm was very fitting.
DIY Tube Wrap Bracelet DIY Tube Wrap Bracelet
This one was a great stylish addition, easy
to make and great for layering and blending
into a regular wardrobe.
 T-shirt finger weave bracelet  T-Shirt Finger Weave Bracelet
I made this bracelet for each of the girls.
For the one going through treatment, I
figured it would be comfortable to wear.
Because they are close in age, it seemed
like a good idea to have them get matching
Macrame Knot & Bead Bracelet  Macrame Knot and Bead Bracelet
 Paracord Bracelet  Paracord Bracelet
I made this one for my friend’s husband
It doubles as a survival bracelet since
it’s about 9 feet of parachute cord, so
I think that made it acceptable guy-wear.

I will say, orange is a tough color to find in leather cord. I was able to order it from LimaBeads.com. The parachute cord is a little easier to come by. I ordered mine from Amazon.

DIY Cause Bracelets

My friend’s family still has a long road ahead of them, so any positive thoughts and prayers you can send their way are appreciated. I pray their daughter continues to respond to treatment and they maintain the strength and amazing fighting spirit they’ve had in them since the start of this battle.


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