My Friday Five – Spring Catch Up

My Friday Five – Spring Catch Up

Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Five post, so I thought I’d do one over some of our happenings over the last few weeks.

1 | Styling Secrets – I was invited to a Yelp Elite event at Salon Spa W in the East Village. I’ve always heard rave reviews on their services, but I hadn’t been there before. We were treated to amazing service during the private event. First, my stylist Corbin gave me some tips on how to do the perfect blow out and mastering the beachy waves look. Then they treated us to a parafin wax dip and finally a make up touch up.  They expanded the salon last fall and it is absolutely gorgeous. I bought a few products and they sent us home with a goodie bag too. I’ll let you know what my favorites are once I’ve tried them out. So far the Aveda dry shampoo is a must have!

Salon Spa W - Yelp Elite Event

2 | Spring Soccer
 – Carter is playing soccer this spring after taking a hiatus the last few years to play baseball. He’s liking it a lot better, and it has been fun to watch his improvement even in just the first few weeks of the season. The first game was cold and rainy, but the last two have been a little warmer, thank goodness.


3 | Do You Know the Way to Santa Fe?
– (okay, wrong city, but that tune is stuck in my head, even though it was before my time) I traveled for work the beginning part of the week to Santa Fe. I haven’t been there before, so it was fun to have a few hours to explore when I first arrived on Monday. I walked around the downtown and plaza area, and I was amazed at how many galleries they have there. It was fun to walk through many of them and check out a lot of local art. I could have done without the pigeons chasing me on the plaza trying to get my ice cream though! Birds… they sense my fear.


4 | #FitnessGoals –
I’ve just started working out again more regularly, and this Fit-ish shirt pretty much sums up my mantra. I’d love to be more fit, but I’m just not dedicated enough when it comes to the food part. My diet is healthy-ish with a side of snacks and dessert.

Fit-ish Shirt

5 | Celebrate Moms –
Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so if you have a special mom in your life (mom, sister, bestie, yourself!) you’d like to make something for, here are 15+ of my favorite personalized Mother’s Day DIY gift ideas you can make to celebrate her!

Personalized Mother's Day Gifts

ICYMI Some posts from the last few weeks: Salted Caramel Brownie Bites; Make a Shade Loving Container Garden

After work travel for both Todd and me this week, I’m looking forward to the weekend. We have a family get together tomorrow, soccer on Sunday, and lots to do around the house. I’m trying to decide if I can get everything ready for a garage sale next weekend or if I need another week to get ready. I’m a garage sale newbie, so any tips are welcome!

Have a great weekend!

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