Hometown Dining Room Wall Gallery

Hometown Dining Room Wall Gallery

We made this hometown dining room gallery wall to showcase the love for our home city. This would be perfect for a favorite or special travel city too!

Des Moines gallery wall

We’re getting closer and closer to getting our kitchen and dining room “done”. I say that in quotes because I’m not sure we’re ever really done, but most of the main projects are coming to a close. I just need to make the curtains for the kitchen window and then I can finally do a reveal post!

One of the latest projects was getting our ode to  Iowa dining room wall gallery hung up. I originally planned to have more things in the collection, but when we started to place them, they just didn’t fit right.

Initially I was just going to do the DIY Subway Art sign of Des Moines for the wall, but that seemed a bit too bare. That’s when we decided to create a little collection around Des Moines. Who says you can only love your city if you’re from someplace like New York or San Francisco? I travel a lot for work and I love to visit those cities, but I’ve chosen to live here for a lot of reasons and we’re very happy here, so why not show pride in it!?

DIY Subway Art Des Moines

You may recognize some past projects on the wall like the DIY Subway Art Sign of Des Moines and the monogram H wrapped in a map of Des Moines. The photo is one of my favorites of my son. We took it last fall. It was the day of our anniversary with perfect weather, so we spent the day outside at various spots in Des Moines. This was at the Asian garden on the east side of downtown. I love the skyline behind him and the Rocky pose!

Des Moines Skyline picture

I had originally planned on putting another previous project in the gallery. The personalized state wall art showing where my husband and I are from and where we met, but it just didn’t fit. There’s more room on the wall still, so if I find other things I like to create a grouping I may add to it, or we just may find a new home for it.

I’ve been a prodigal blogger lately. I generally have a goal to post at least twice per week, but the last few weeks I’ve been slacking. I’ve had a bit of project fatigue, plus I’ve been busy with home life and work. I was in NYC this week for a few days for work. I swear I eat my way through that city – good thing I also walk a lot when I’m there to burn it off! This time, I stopped by the cutest little macaron shop, the MacarOn Cafe. Here are the pretty little macarons that I bought to bring back. They were SO good. Maybe I’ll try to tackle making some one day!

macarons from the MacarOn Cafe NYC

Have a great weekend! It’s supposed to be gorgeous weather here. We’re headed to the Des Moines Arts Festival. Maybe we’ll find something from a local artist to add to our gallery wall!


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